Beth Ditto // Jean Paul Gaultier FW 201415

Such a pleasant surprise: Beth Ditto so close after Jean Paul Gaultier. While celebrities usually just cause a huge lot of chaos among the professional photographers, paparazzi and teenager fans, thereby totally scaring off people like me, Beth did not get AS much attention (teenagers still busy yelling Rihanna’s name) and I almost unintentionally got really close to her, when she entered and again, when she left. And since I really like her music, I was quite glad I got this picture.

Speaking of Jean Paul Gaultier: unfortunately I can’t find the memory card that contains  most of my pictures of Saturday afternoon and evening. A few of them are already on my laptop, but I’m afraid, at the moment I just have very few pictures from after Acne and Veronique Leroy and only Beth from Jean Paul Gaultier. Such a pitty, especially for close-up shots of Tanya D and Franzi Müller, that turned out really well, though it was dark and I’m not using a professional flash. Let’s hope I’ll be able to find that card at some point…


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