Melissa Tammerijn // Haider Ackermann.FW 201415

Not all top high fashion models cause the same reactions among those, who just accidentally bump into an after-show fashon week craziness. Sometimes you hear people whisper pretty harsh statements. This was totally not the case when Melissa Tammerijn left Haider Ackermann. The girl looked amazing head to toe, she is very charismatic and confident and seemed genuinely nice and chatty. And that was noticed by lots of those standing around. I remember how young she looked back in 2011, when I met her for the first time… 


two more:


Miroslava Duma//Viktor&Rolf.FW201415

Miroslava is among those fashion people who cause the greatest exictement among fashion photographers, paparazzi and fans. She is usually circeled by a large group of photographers immediately, and I must say, I stay away, because I’m already a little scared of joining that photographers’s crowd, I probably could not cope with this situation at all, if I were in here shoes. I don’t really know how, but I still got this one picture of her, making her way through the crowds.


Scott Schuman // Viktor&Rolf F.W201415

I still have not found the other SD card and with it that other photo of Scott taking pictures after ACNE. Nevertheless want to share this one. Scott is such an amazing photographer. He was one of very first photographers who moved away from that traditional way of fashion photography, to the street. And even though there are so many people around today, wo try to be street style photographers, he still stands out. Thank you, Scott!